Ippevent : Lambda, from the Dark Age to the Infinity and Beyond, avec Rémi Forax

Description de la conférence :

Java 8 is now released, this talk is about hating at little more your fellow developers that already have the chance to use it but nothing is lost, with this talk you will also be ready use lambda at full speed when your boss will understand that you prefer upgrading to Java 8 to a raise.

The talk is separated into two parts, in the first part you will learn why lambda were introduced in Java and the secrets behind the syntax and the semantics of that feature. In the later, we will dive under the hood and see how the compiler, the JDK and the VM conspire to implement lambdas.

Le speaker : Rémi Forax

Maître de Conférence à l’Université Paris Est Marne la vallée. Expert pour les JSR 292 (invokedynamic) et 335 (lambdas). Tombé dans le Java quand il était petit.

Cet Ippevent se tiendra le jeudi 20 novembre 2014, à partir de 19 heures, à Paris dans les locaux d’Ippon situés 47 Avenue de la Grande Armée (5ème étage).